Re: Problems after implementing weater functions


Sorry Howard, I should not have gone so quick, I have to amend the picture... Soon after having sent this last message, I realized that the Web page displayed on my screen was in fact frozen... No update possible, no web communication. I had to manually push the reset button on the Internet shield of the Arduino card.
Then the summary of my investigation up to now : Version 2.1c is much more stable (no spurious change in the power relay outputs, no hang up for at least 144 minutes) but 2 problems still present :
  • weather plots are empty
  • the web page freezes and is not reachable, which mandates a manual push of the internet shield reset button (and a power relay cycling ON / OFF / ON... Should I try with the WATCHDOG ON ? There is no option tu choose ON_CC in this version 2.1c of OCS. Only good point : the freezing of the web page and web communication (input & output) has no consequence on the power relay state (no spurious change). Only pushing the reset button on the internet shield causes a cycling of the power relay and a temporary loss of this critical power supply...
Please confirm me what version of OCS you have, running in your observatory set-up, and if it is possible for you to send me an exact copy for me to test it ?
Best regards,

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