Re: Problems after implementing weater functions

Howard Dutton

I just uploaded/tested the latest version (github) to take care of Koal01's issue, no surprise it came right up without issue.  Note that 2.31 and 2.32 are for our purposes identical and I did testing on both.

In addition to the advice I posted before... I suggest you simplify, remove/comment out functionality (in Weather.ino) until you reach stability then add features back one at a time until you find what is breaking it.

Charts not coming up can be due to not using the correct charts.min.js as described in the Config.h file.  Also, if something about the SD is broken (not reading the file, not writing the logs.)  Or even if something was botched while the browser got that Charts.js file for the first time and you have a corrupt copy in the browser cache (i.e. clear the browser cache.)

For switching critical power relays such as what you describe I setup so it defaults normally closed when no control from the OCS is present, so it can reboot without those troubles.  Even the cheapo ebay "8 Relay Module" sitting on my desk for testing allows that for any relay.

I also enabled the other sensors you have, no code added to Weather.ino for them though as I don't have them wired up here:

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