Re: commands sqm and temperature not working ore present

Howard Dutton

On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 02:52 PM, koal01 wrote:
I changed these lines in command.ino this way to get the temperature value through a ":Ga#" request and it is working now
//  :G1#  Get outside temperature
//         Returns: nnn.n#
    //    if ((command[1]=='1') && (parameter[1]==0)) {
    if (command[1]=='a') {
          dtostrf(weatherOutsideTemp(),1,1,reply); //modif mourad
Ok that did it, the lights went on...

That 1 should be a 0.  There were other cases too, fixed now.  It worked for me by chance, the string happened to have a 0 at position 1 which isn't a sure thing since the check is beyond the end of the string.

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