Re: Problems after implementing weater functions


Hello everybody
Thanks Howard for your efforts: I downloaded the latest OCS version 2.33, and set it up for my observatory
  1. with my basic configuration in config.h with no Weather function : OK
  2. as 1. plus outside Temperature : OK
  3. as 2. plus Barometric pressure : OK
  4. as 3. plus humidity : OK for 14 minutes at least
  5. as 4. plus windspeed : OK for 17 minutes at least
  6. as 5. plus rain sensor : Web page freezes (communication lost) after 9 minutes. Automatic reboot (Watchdog set @ ON_CC), then stable for 20 minutes, then 1 minute : very variable. Not sure that the rain sensor is the cause because I had this type of freeze with config 3 quite rapidly and after reboot it remained stable for some 10 minutes, and I went on further with next configurations...

You are right for the relays. I returned to HIGH in lines 110 to 124 of OCS.ino so that it defaults normally closed when no control from the OCS is present, so it effectively reboots without troubles. However it reboots, quite randomly.
     7. as 6. plus Weather charts ON : No change in the unsatbility status and charts are all empty. I will try to reload the Chart.js file but I am pretty sure i had the correct one in the SD card root directory. It does not need to be executed or run ? Just put in the SD card and that's all ?
    8. As 6. plus sky IR temperature : still random reboots (perhaps a bit more frequent - my feeling) but all sensors that are physically connected to OCS are displayed correctly :

Are there any debugging codes that could be useful for me to improve my investigation ?

That's all for now.
Best regards,

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