Re: Noise on Voltage/Current analog read

Howard Dutton

On Wed, May 5, 2021 at 09:17 AM, Howard Dutton wrote: it takes the analog sample in the main loop, averages, then drops it in a global variable.  The "(99 + 1) / 100" can be "(999 + 1) / 1000" or "(24 + 1) / 25", etc.  The depth of averaging gives the frequency response vs. noise tradeoff.  This is referred to as a rolling average and has the advantage of not requiring a massive array of values like a normal average does.
You could also bracket the analogRead() and averaging code so it runs at a fixed interval largely independent of the MCU frequency, etc.  Below is for 1 Hz samples in which case you would probably want the depth of averaging to be only 5 or 10 so it's fairly responsive to changes.

static unsigned long lastSampleTime = 0;
if ((long)(millis() - lastSampleTime) > 1000) {
  lastSampleTime = millis();
  // the code

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