Re: Two hotwire wind sensors ?


So great and so nice  !  I’m going to order a second sensor and test the changes. I was not sure this feature was possible so I prefered waiting. May I ask a question ? I don’t know the modern device library but I was wondering since we have two axis detected  if a kind of direction of the wind is possible ? For example in my installation the first Hotwire is oriented east-west and the second will be oriented north-south. For instance if the wind is coming from west since the value is given by Hotwire1 can  OCS display a kind of suggestion « east-west » just near the wind speed index in the weather panel. A second question. If the test of adding two Hotwires improves the accuracy do you think it would be possible in the future for OCS to handle  4 hotwires so we can increase accuracy and get the right direction of the wind ? 

I’m going to order the component, upgrade soft and hardware and let you know !

Thanks again Howard 

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