Re: OSC IndiLibb driver

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 02:42 AM, <rambro@...> wrote:
1. Is possible to control OSC from EKOS (indilib) ?. Is driver for indilib available?
Doesn't exist AFAIK.  I don't use Linux for astro stuff.

2. Is protocol available to send commands by serial, ethernet etc (park, unpark, status)
I think you're asking is it possible to control an OnStep mount with the OCS, if so the answer is no that doesn't exist but it is a feature I plan to add at some point.

3. Is any PCB for OSC  or Arduino + wire to relay shield  is sufficient?.
No PCB, I just don't see the point given the ultra low cost of the commercial general purpose offerings.

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