Re: New OCS developments

Howard Dutton

As I said I am thinking about working on the OCS software again, a similar treatment to what has happened to OnStep.

At the same time I'd also like to update my observatory controller and this is the new design that takes into account the lessons learned.

  • Much more capable on the software side with Teensy3.5 and W5500 for Ethernet.
  • Switching voltage regulators for both 3.3V and 5V for respectable current supply levels on both of those rails.
  • This has 10 relays, 4 solid state (1A), 4 mechanical (16A), and 2 other "relays" that are high current n-channel MOSFETs for running large DC motors (like my roof motor.)  All are optically isolated.  It also has a header to allow plugging in a cheap eBay 8 channel relay module for expansion to 18 total relays.
  • Provision for an BME280 onboard for inside TPH monitoring.
  • The SPI interface has the correct pin order and orientation so the common eBay DS3234 RTC modules can plug right in.
  • There are 12 total input channels, 6 digital only and 6 analog.  Most are current limited and ESD protected.
  • The I2C interfaces use RJ45 connectors so sensors can be plugged in using Cat5 Ethernet cables.  I settled on a scheme where 3.3V (or 5V on I2C 2) and +12V are present too for powering those sensors.
  • And there are two TTL serial interfaces.
  • Many components can be ordered directly from LCSC which is associated with EasyEDA where this PCB was designed and will be ordered from.

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