Re: New OCS developments

Howard Dutton

On Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 02:09 AM, koal01 wrote:
So 3 different MCU, great !
To be honest the T3.5 is more than fast enough and appeals as it's 5v tolerant and a little cheaper than the other options.  The 3.6 is overkill, and the 4.1 is much faster still (many times) but it makes sense as there are no downsides (other than less EEPROM which the OCS doesn't strictly need a lot presently) since it doesn't cost more (the 4.1 is cheaper than the 3.6.)

I saw a part on the PCB with 2 unprotected Analog in. I suppose i would use those for the Wind and Anenometer sensors, in my case i'm going to use 2 hot wire anenometers so 3 analog inputs in total , do you think it is possible to change this in you design ?
As I mentioned below there are now 4 general purpose inputs as I felt 2 wasn't enough.  Still 12 total inputs but more flexible now as you can do digital or "unprotected" analog on those 4 GP.  I put current limiting resistors on those four and two are still diode clamped.

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