Re: New OCS developments

Howard Dutton

I have things mostly working I think (on a Mega2560).

The BME weather sensor works (new design/code there so that's good.)
The website and charts work.
NPT works.
Relays almost work.  The fast relay pwm has problems, so its commented out, but otherwise things look ok.
Sense inputs are untested.
I see Analog inputs floating as they should when disconnected (test h/w).

Memory is tighter on the Mega2560, as expected... you don't get lots of new features without a price.
So the new much more elaborate DEBUG mode makes things REALLY tight if enabled.  If disabled things seem fine, not sure how many sensors can be enabled all at once though.  As this is targeted primarily at more capable h/w (Teensy etc.) this is an acceptable situation.

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