Re: OCS Version 3

Howard Dutton

The latest main branch OCS now runs on the ESP32 (using WiFi.)  This requires using Arduino board manager ESP32 libraries version 1.0.4 and a target of 1MB program and 3MB spiff.  The SPIFF part is the file system similar to a very small SD card built into the ESP32.  You must initialize the SPIFF as described here then format and upload the Chart.js file in the Arduino IDE (its already in the /OCS/data directory to help accomplish this.)  Note that the limited storage still needs to be worked on as the OCS weather log file format will have to be changed so its more compact and erases old log files automatically.  I plan to compact the log files to accomplish this... perhaps the most recent 2 or 3 days at higher resolution then hourly logs when older than that (so 1920 bytes per day will allow for about 3 years on a 4MB ESP32.)

Naturally not every feature is tested, but generally it seems to work.

Probably I will release hardware specific to the ESP32, the lack of pins will make this more minimal than the Teensy based OCS hardware version 4 but still a useful option as the ESP32 is cheaper and more widely available. The concept below has 8 relays (3x SSR, 1x MOSFET, and 4x 16A 220V) and 9 inputs (3x 33V analog, 3x TTL analog or digital, and 3x TTL digital) plus one TTL serial port and I2C.  Should be enough for a modest setup:

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