Re: OCS Version 3

Howard Dutton

On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 07:24 AM, Fernando Nino Sr wrote:
Hi Howard, I have a question on which ESP32 Module to use, ESP Wroom32 has 38 pin outs and the ESP32 Dev.Kit v1- DoIt has 36 pin outs, does it matter which one to use, I have both of these modules. I would like to give it a go with the ESP32 version.
I doubt it matters.  The ESP32 support isn't really complete (log file changes are still needed) but feel free to test it out.

Naturally ESP32's are tricky to design hardware for so, be sure to read up on the special pin rules.  You might very well need to design a pinmap for your hardware if its much different than my ESP32 test setup (whos pinmap might still change as I see fit.)

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