Re: OCS 4 vs 3?

Howard Dutton

BTW the OCS Hardware Rev4 came to be since I didn't like how the 8-channel ebay relay plugged in nor did I really have room for it in my enclosure.  After thinking about it I realized just one more high current relay was all I really needed and I could fit it on the PCB and even squeeze in one more SSR.  Much more elegant this way.

This lead to not having enough pins for the ebay 8-channel relay board but that didn't plug in nicely with the big ribbon cable anyway, so I changed the header to match a 4-channel one.

Recently when I implemented the Dome control it occurred to me that one might very well need even more I/O to control everything so I added the last two available pins back on an Aux header.

AFAIK OCS4 is done.

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