Re: OCS Version 3

Howard Dutton

On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 07:24 AM, Fernando Nino Sr wrote:
Hi Howard, I have a question on which ESP32 Module to use, ESP Wroom32 has 38 pin outs and the ESP32 Dev.Kit v1- DoIt has 36 pin outs, does it matter which one to use, I have both of these modules. I would like to give it a go with the ESP32 version.
I ended up deleting the ESP32 pinmap, not that a new one can't be added and a plain ESP32 should still work.

In its place I added support for the ESP32-S2 SAOLA as in testing the ESP32-S2 appears to work also.  It has enough pins to basically keep the OCS4 hardware layout except without the SPI interface stuff (no great loss there):

I won't build one of these, but I probably will jumper wire my ESP32-S2 into an OCS4 to see that it basically works.

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