Re: OCS 4 vs 3?


yep the ACS712_V component gives the current used by all the stuff used in OCS, i need to monitor current since my first power supply are solar pannels, very useful,  i really like it.
See the screenshot below. Don't pay attention on the power supplly, it is not wired.
In my setup i added an allsky with DIY cooling system around a T7 camera + a raspberry pi 4, by night the current increases a bit,  i can easy reach 5 A, just 1A are needed during the day


you can see this on, where my OCS is published, it is not my real installation, i added a menu to my Allsky, i tried to do something integrated ...

In terms of specificity i also tried with your help to add a second hot-wire sensor to improve accuracy on the wind sensor, orienting the first one North-south and the second one East-West.
You added a bit of code so that OCS gives the highest value between the sensors, sorry i still havn't found the time to install this, it is my todo list.

To finish I'm not on a roof opening system, mine is a shelter moving on wheels, the automation would be to find a way of opening the two front doors and make the shelter move on its wheels...a future project. It's a short description of my specific use.

Good luck for the wiki

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