monitoring Dc help


Hi Howard,
I'm running the 2.0g and it works fine !
I wired the heater on a relay following you advice and switch it on only in extreme conditions. The rest of the time i switched it off since the box is small, readings can be skewed.

Now i'm concentrating on the status panel and DC voltage/current.
So i have a question.
If i want to monitor my external 12 v supply implementing STAT_DC_PS_ANALOG and STAT_DC_CURRENT_ANALOG
i suppose i have to wire the "S" pins on analog pins to the  supply cable 12 V + ?
In my case i chose A0 and A1.
Concerning the current i see that we have to complete a function in the misc.ino file ?
Is it a future evolution or do we have to complete the current function ?
Sorry if i'm not clear.
Thank you

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