Re: monitoring Dc help

Howard Dutton

On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 01:47 PM, koal01 wrote:
If i want to monitor my external 12 v supply implementing STAT_DC_PS_ANALOG and STAT_DC_CURRENT_ANALOG
i suppose i have to wire the "S" pins on analog pins to the  supply cable 12 V + ?
In my case i chose A0 and A1.
Yes the OCS PCB Analog inputs A0 to A5 can handle measuring 12V DC directly.  The inputs are resistor divided and diode clamped for protection.

Concerning the current i see that we have to complete a function in the misc.ino file ?
Is it a future evolution or do we have to complete the current function ?
Since the individual user must decide on a sensor to measure current there is no one size fits all solution.  Each must be added.  I don't use this feature, nor do I intend to use every feature supported by the OCS, it was designed to be more comprehensive than for just my own use.

For DC the V=IR relationship can easily be used to calculate the voltage drop (V) across a known low resistance (R.)  If you know both V and R you can then calculate (I) the current.
For AC you need a sensor designed for that.

Google is your friend, lots of Arduino projects out there.

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