Re: monitoring Dc help


Thank you Howard,

I would say nearly all the features in OCS interest me. LOL
I was wondering if my solar panels 150 Watts X 2 and 2 batteries 100AH could supply OCS and all the equipments that's why i'm interested in monitoring the power.

Just for fun here is my equipments list and max current needs :

#define POWER_DEVICE1_NAME "OnStep_12V-2A"
#define POWER_DEVICE2_NAME "Camera_RAF_12V_4A"
#define POWER_DEVICE3_NAME "Hub_Usb_12V_5A"
#define POWER_DEVICE4_NAME "Heating_IR_5V_0.2A"
#define LIGHT_ORW_RELAY               12 // 12V_1A

Don't know how much amp OCS needs for its on purpose at least 1 A i suppose ?

Again thank you and thank you

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