Re: BME280 Sensor

Howard Dutton

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 02:11 PM, Fernando Nino Sr wrote:
Also wanted to use relay 7 and 8 in series to use as open/close(relay 7-relay my pushbutton switch) and connect my ir sensors(relay 8- ir beam will shoot between the two walls) to make sure the telescope has cleared the roof before closing, just wondering how that would effect the control panel.
I think what you would want to do is perhaps use relay 7 to press the garage door opener button.

#define ROR_OPEN_CLOSE_MOMENTARY        7 //    OFF, n. Where n=1..14 (Relay#) A momentary switch closure (~1.5 seconds.)     Option

                                          //         To trigger a garage door opener (for example) to either open or close.

Then use relay 8 to control power to the garage door opener and interlock system.  For the interlock system the signal then goes either logic HIGH (5V) or LOW (Gnd.)  Lets say HIGH=ON (OK) for this example.

#define ROR_POWER_RELAY                 8 //    OFF, n. Where n=1..14 (Relay#) This controls roof motor pwr. For DC motor.    Option
                                          //         SSR/MOSFET PWM controls speed. For garage door openers, SW on/off only.

Finally lets have the interlock signal come in on "Sense 1" such that if the open/close sequence was initiated power will remain on until the sequence times out (Config.h setting) or the close limit switch is reached or the interlock signal goes LOW.

#define ROR_CLOSE_INTERLOCK             1 //    OFF, n. Where n=1..6 (Sense#) Roof safety interlock, close allowed when ON.   Option

There is also an option in the Config.h file to display a "Safety override" button which should be enabled.  This is for the user to take manual control in-case something unexpected happens and pressing override then allows manual recovery.  The OCS only presumes to know if an Open press or Close press will actually move in that direction if an opened or closed limit switch shows the roof at one end of the travel or the other.  If, for instance the ir beam interlock detects something and the OCS cuts power to the garage door opener the open/close state is lost and opening and closing are not allowed.  You then go and fix whatever caused the event, press the "Safety override" button, then press "Open" or "Close" .  The roof might move in the wrong direction but you can work that out since it's being closely monitored at this point.

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