Re: monitoring Dc help


Thank you Howard for having implemented this feature.
So i updated OCS to 2.0 h yesterday and wired the ACS712 output to the A10 pin of the Mega.
Following examples in the web the ACS module is supplied on the negative source of the 12 V DC power on one pin and to let the current cross the module the other pin goes to the ground of the installation.
I can see the red led on the module meaning it is on, ok.
However the values i see in the panel are wrong. When i switch on OCS at the very beginning i can see 4 amps  without activating anything,  after a few minutes it decreases to around 2 amps.
When i swich lights, onstep, heating amps are not increasing or decreasing as if the system does not take anything into account.
My module is 20 A so i changed this line #define ACS712_V_PER_A 0.185 setting it to #define ACS712_V_PER_A 0.100 as described on the datasheet.
I left the systeme running all night long leaving only OCS running without any feature activated and here's the panel, the panel displays 6 A.
I certainly did something wrong but for the moment i have no idea of why it doe not work.

Thank you again

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