First board +


Hello to all ,

I'm target to build a experimental board for sqm detector for fun, And i have start this tuto .. (electronic in order) , and i have discover this new group by onstep . Than it's more interesting to have a global "Howard solution", and it's so interesting to test develop and debug ..

Do you have some code to distrubate for test it ?

Thanks you very much

Howard Dutton

I really don't understand the question; but I don't have anything to do with that sourceforge project nor any interest in it.


I would like to built one version of your solution

Schema , tuto are disponible ?

Howard Dutton

I don't as a rule distribute that design.  And at this point even I wouldn't build an OCS PCB again.

I feel the eBay relay boards are a better proposition both in terms of cost and for easy implementation.  At some point I plan to design an board that provides some protection to the digital and analog input side but that hasn't been done.  And quite frankly the need for protection is questionable.  After all the Mega2560 is cheap and were something to happen toss it and drop another in.

As I state on my website this system is for capable DIY'ers!