USR-ES1 W5500 Lose IP


Yes, it is configured to pin 11, some devices like a Zyxel router dont recognize it as a conecetd device  but still works at the configured ip, the results are the same if i config for static ip

Howard Dutton

You did wire in and handle the W5500 reset pin right?

Other than that it seems to be an library level or below issue and not hardware I've ever tested the OCS with.  We do use the W5500 with somewhat similar code for OnStep and that doesn't just up and stop working after 10 or 20 minutes, though again DHCP isn't something we use nor is the Mega2560.


I installed the USR-ES1 ethernet adapter, it has W5500 chip, works well but i have a little issue with it when conected to any router in DHCP mode (i use "Ethernet.begin(m);" instead of "Ethernet.begin(m, ip, myDns, gateway, subnet);" and i use DHCP binding, but occurs also in static IP mode:
After some sporadic time (about 10 - 20 minutes) the OCS disappears from conected LAN devices or re-appears with IP, however the OCS is still fully working throught the configured IP address, this happend to me on a ZTE router, the issue is different depending on wich router model is attached to, on a D-Link instead of get an IP (it shows "---  ---- ----") but still fully working, on a Huawei router lease time is not renewed automatically and OCS dissapears after 1 minute, but still fully working at the configured IP (in this last case i didnt used DHCP binding).

Same occurs with the updated arduino lib for W5500, ethernert2, Ethernet3 or Wiznet lib