OCS improving time and date and extacting two years data


Hi Howard,

In my installation the ntp feature to synchronize time has nerver been a real success, i'm always several minutes late , i tested several ntp servers and it doesn't change anything.
Would it be a big job to add a GPS module using the second ic2 interface left ? i have several ones and in terms of accuracy i find them much better.
Second question is around all data i saved with OCS during years, i guess it would be a hard task for a mega to display months or a year data with the charts.js ?!
I'm wondering if OCS is able to handle long periods such as one month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years wtihout perturbating itself while displaying graphs or is it more reasonable to find an external solution ?
Thank you

Howard Dutton

I'll keep these feature requests in mind when I revisit this project.


Nice !


Talking about GPS i mentionned an i2c interface actually in my mind it was a TX-RX communication, there are 2 physical interfaces on the board...